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I have been receiving electrolysis from Jodi Pacheco at Elite. I have to say that I am thrilled with the results! When I first started the treatments, I had more hair on my face than I was comfortable with. I had a great deal of hair on my upper lip and chin and it was embarrassing. I waxed every week…sometimes twice a week. I started waxing over 20 years ago and boy is that a messy procedure.  Not to mention the burns and scars from doing so. Now, my skin is smooth and almost totally hair free! I still have a few more treatments to go through, but I haven’t had to wax for over a year now!! I am thrilled!! Jodi is a doll!  She is friendly and very professional! She has always treated me with respect and never made me feel embarrassed. I highly recommend Jodi at Elite Electrolysis. - SueAnn L.

After years of endless tweezing of my ears I decided to give electrolysis a try. I am now "hair free" and have been that way for quite some time. My next area will be my back! Thank goodness for a permanent solution to an annoying situation. - Bruce P.

My sister introduced me to Jodi and electrolysis. It wasn't something I had planned on doing, but after a consultation and demonstration I decided to give it a try. The thought of overcoming heredity and never again having to endure out of control eyebrows and a moustache was compelling. Jodi is a gem! An absolute professional who always makes me feel welcome, I've never had any problems following a treatment. Her concern for quality, her attention to cleanliness and safety, and her belief in the difference her work makes for her clients is worth every moment. We're almost finished with treatments - the only downside of that will be not having the chance to visit on a regular basis. I'd recommend Jodi to anyone needing a permanent answer to managing unwanted hair. - Kris E.

I have been going to Jodi for about a year. My main goal is to remove hairs from my eyebrows and chin. I had heard about Jodi, that she  was very good  and very clean at her profession. I had also heard that she had a machine that would close off the cuticle after a treatment. This brings the ph down and "Woopie, no breakouts!" The only one in town. That interested me and I wanted to seek her professional  opinion. Much to my amazement, she was absolutely right.  She is very professional in her field and sterilizes her equipment. To this day I am happy every morning when I get up. I get up, get ready for work, just put my makeup on and I'm my way. Thanks to Jodi, I'm a free woman! Whoopie!!! - Cheryl W.

Before I found Elite Electrolysis I thought that there was no hope for smooth soft skin. I am a blond so I am not a candidate for laser so I thought that I would just have to deal with being hairy. After doing some research I found that electrolysis is the ONLY FDA-approved method for PERMANENT hair removal! I was excited to hear that there was an answer for me.... but now I had to find an electrologist that was local. To my surprise I found Jodi at Elite Electrolysis. She is very knowledgeable about the hair growth cycle and most everything else there has to do about body hair. I felt very comfortable when I got my treatments. I now recommend her to everyone I know. She is the BEST! - April H

As a dermatologist, I have referred female and male patients to Jodi for electrolysis treatment of unwanted hair. Over the years I have been impressed with her devotion to her profession and have observed the excellent results she can produce. She maintains high standards of hygiene and cleanliness and treats her patients in a warm, personable, professional manner. I highly commend the good work she does and will continue to recommend her to those who are seeking a permanent solution to their unwanted hair growth. - Wendall Robison MD

I had been in need of very serious and aggressive treatments of electrolysis. I had sought other electrolysis practitioners in the past. Often, their practice matched their fee and I continued having problems, regardless of their promised efficacy. I even tried a course of Laser Electrolysis and Thermolysis. I was sufficiently discouraged to begin seeking services outside of New Mexico; however, I was introduced to Jodi through a mutual friend, and it proved to be the best and most productive meeting that I ever had. Jodi is meticulous, caring, detailed, and extremely precise in her work. She uses excellent lighting and comfortable surroundings to provide an effective, quick, and comfortable setting for the procedures being performed. If work is to be done in particularly sensitive areas, she also has an arrangement with a local RN to provide anesthetic treatments to help with pain management. You may hear many competing claims, but having sampled many of them, I can and will attest to the superiority of the product and caring service that Jodi provides. I highly recommend that anyone thinking of or considering electrolysis to schedule a consult with her. You will not regret doing so. - Gwen W

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