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I highly recommend Jodi and Elite Electrolysis.  Jodi is extremely professional but warm, not too clinical.  She truly has your interests at heart.  The method that she uses produces hardly any pain for me, compared to previous methods.  Results have been fantastic (eyebrows, chin, and toes) and have reduced my stress levels significantly.  Prices are very economical.  Jodi is an exemplary example for all personal care specialists. – MLD (03/20/13)

I love this lady.  Jodi was truly heaven sent.  I got to a point in my journey to become the beardless lady where I thought nothing could work.  I am African American, have coarse super curly hair and could not make it stop coming out of my chinny chin chin.  Enter Jodi into my life and everything changed.  Thank God for her.  The journey was not short, but with persistence came victory.  I am happy to say that I am at the point now that I am not scared to get close to someone because of fear they will see hair growing from my female chin. I am smooth and hairless. If you want to rid yourself of hairs from places it shouldn't be growing, don't waste your money anywhere else.  Come see Jodi and she will take care of you.  She is professional, honest, and actually cares.  Jodi is amazing!  Elite Electrolysis NM is amazing!  I can’t recommend her enough! – MR (03/14/13)

Jodi is quick and painless - a professional for sure! I tried many other ways to remove unwanted hair that never worked; the hair always grows back darker and thicker. I am happy to say that after receiving electrolysis treatments, I can now say that I am “hair free.” Yippee! – Laura N. (02/26/13)

Jodi is phenomenal! I have been extremely satisfied with the work she has done and highly impressed with her skill, professionalism, attention to detail, and concern for cleanliness. I had a lot of laser hair removal done before I found Jodi and had not been satisfied with those results. Electrolysis is completely different and I love that the results will be permanent once treatment is finished. I’ve already seen such an amazing difference in the amount of hair that grows on my underarms, bikini line, and upper lip! Jodi does everything she can to make the experience go well.  She even provides an after care cream to help the healing process at no extra charge.  If you want to be hair free, Jodi is the way to go! - Alexis O.

Knowledgeable, professional, effective, and reasonably priced are four ways to describe Jodi and Elite Electrolysis. I have been impressed with how well Jodi educates clients about the science of hair growth and hair removal. She will put you at ease and make you feel that removing unwanted hair is no more embarrassing than brushing your teeth. If you are tired of plucking, tweezing, waxing, or shaving, don't wait a minute longer. Give Jodi a call. You won't regret it. – JMC

I have been going to Jodi at Elite Electrolysis for a few months and I have been delighted by the results so far. Very clean, very professional, and extremely quick healing of the treated area. The electrolysis is working much faster with far less re-growth than I would have ever imagined. I highly recommend Jodi and Elite Electrolysis to anyone who wants freedom from unwanted hair! Since I have light hair, I knew and read that laser treatments were ineffective. After the initial consultation with the demo, Jodi made me feel relaxed and I found the electrolysis sensation wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I wish I had done this years ago. Thank You Jodi! - JW

Jodi is an exectionally talented professional. She has the unbeatable combination of skill, technique, and the latest equipment - all of which has provided me with consistent results after every visit. I have utilized electrolysis with several technicians over the years. I unquestionably believe Jodi surpasses them all. She is the very best in her field. - Marcella


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