Just imagine no more shaving, waxing or tweezing ever! Elite Electrolysis offers a consultation and demonstration during which we will answer all of your questions along with educating you about hair growth cycles, what makes a hair grow and the proper after care instructions. Remember each treatment is tailored individually to your specific needs. If you ever dreamed of never having to worry about unwanted and unsightly hair growth again then you have found the answer - electrolysis. Let us at Elite Electrolysis show you the path to permanent hair removal that will last a lifetime. At Elite Electrolysis no false promises just results.


FDA Approved

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method for permanent hair removal of all hair and skin type. With over 100 yrs of proven results it is clearly the only choice for anybody who has a problem with unwanted hair growth. All areas of the body can be treated - arms, legs, underarms, eyebrows, chin, back, upper lip - any area where permanent results are desired.


Lasting Results

Electrolysis is a very comfortable treatment that can be done in as little as 15 minutes. Depending upon the area and past method of removal, treatment time can last up to an hour. A series of treatments is necessary to achieve permanent results. Within a certain time frame, you too can claim results that will last a lifetime!

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair!

  • Follicles

    On every square inch of skin, there are about 100 - 120 hair follicles.

  • Stimulates Growth

    When you remove hair by waxing or tweezing, you are stimulating hair growth.

  • No Tweezing

    During the electrolysis process, it’s okay to cut, shave, bleach, or use a depilatory cream, but electrolysis will not work if you tweeze or wax hair in-between visits.

  • Safe Equipment

    The electrolysis process begins when a probe is inserted into the hair follicle. You will not feel pain or experience bleeding because the probe is thinner than the actual hair itself and does not come in contact with blood vessels or nerves in your skin.

  • Hormonal

    Hormonal changes also affect hair growth. It is very common for a woman to see more facial hair growth after discontinuing the use of birth control pills.