If your experience has been anything like mine, living with facial hair is something that has made you feel embarrassed, alienated, uncomfortable, even ashamed. It took me too long to seek out Jodi’s services. I spent years tweezing and shaving my face, breaking out where I had continually irritated my skin, spending to much time and money on expensive makeup, and not letting others get too close to my face. I was afraid to work out, to swim, to go camping to hug other people – to do anything that would take my makeup off and expose my skin. And my skin hurt. It was so irritated from my aggressive tweezing that it was constantly broken out. The hour I spent each night tweezing was a time when I felt nothing but bad about myself.

After receiving electrolysis from Jodi, my skin has cleared up. I regularly go out without makeup. I don’t spend an hour each night tweezing. I don’t shave my face every morning. I have a simpler skincare regimen, with much less expensive products. I can hug people and feel comfortable and relaxed because I’m not worried about hiding my face. It’s freeing to feel human again to not have to hide, to enjoy life more.

In addition to her clinical expertise and technique in electrolysis, Jodi has a sense of humor and empathy about what her clients are going through. She is generous and encouraging as her clients go through the different stages of hair removal. She helps you to see that you are not alone and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, all while sharing conversations and laughs. I am thankful for Jodi’s services and the freedom and confidence that she has given me.


She gets 5 stars in my book!

I can’t recommend Elite Electrolysis enough. Jodi is skilled at her work, professional, and very conscientious about hygiene and aftercare. I first saw her for some hair growth on my face post-menopause and was so happy with the results that I’ve gone on to have her do my legs. It has taken some time to do such a large area but has been well worth it and I’m very pleased with the results. The office is comfortable and Jodi herself is fantastic—always encouraging, pleasant, and just does a great job of taking care of you.  She gets 5 stars in my book!


Great work

Jodi does great work in a welcoming environment!

I’m so glad I found her

I can’t recommend Jodi enough and I’m so glad I found her! I had previously tried laser hair removal on my female facial hair, which was utterly useless, and I was not impressed with another electrologist I had visited in Albuquerque. At my first appointment with Jodi, she explained the process of electrolysis and was very honest about what to expect. I could tell right away that she knew her stuff, and I felt totally comfortable thanks to her professionalism, knowledge, and fun and friendly demeanor. The results of her work are undeniable – I am finally seeing those stubborn hairs disappear after 6-7 months of treatment. I wish I could take back the years I spent plucking away at my chin, but it feels amazing to have found a permanent (and affordable) solution. Go see Jodi for your hair removal needs – you’ll be glad you did!


love her ardent and holistic approach

I have been going to Jodi for about a year and a half now. I am extremely satisfied with the results. I had PCOS related hirsutism and Jodi has been extremely kind and forthcoming towards coming up with arrangements/ideas to see whatever works best (I have brown skin and dark hair).

I have had electrolysis before (in fancy spas) and was extremely unsatisfied with the unprofessional approach of the technologists. Jodi is very professional but will cater to your individual needs in a meticulous manner. Her finesse can be easily seen in her results. She has worked on my chin, neck, sideburns, and upper lip. I have been almost hair-free for a long time now. Her perpetual cleanliness and advice on aftercare are precious and vital towards full recovery of your skin. I love her ardent and holistic approach towards treating her clients with dignity and all the care they deserve.  I would highly recommend her for permanent hair removal.

Vyoma N

She is a perfectionist and very professional

I’m a South Indian lady in my early 30s with brown skin. I have been threading my upper lip and chin for the past 15 years. In the past five years, I noticed that my hair has started growing thick and dense. So the threading trips increased and soon I can see that my chin became so dark with a lot of ingrown hairs. Even after threading/waxing, my chin wasn’t clean. so started enquiring about laser hair removal. Because of my skin tone, they turned me down and told about electrolysis. After doing some research on the internet about electrolysis, I understood that the success of the treatment is in the hands of electrolysis technicians and many people also discussed hyperpigmentation. Since I had already dark chin with ingrown hairs, thought of giving it a try.

Met Jodi, God sent an angel for the solution to my problem. She is a perfectionist and very professional. The place is very clean and well sanitized. Now after 7 months with 15 sittings, I have almost clear chins.i’m very much impressed and happy to find elite electrolysis.

First 2 months, you may not find the treatment pleasant because of pain and hair growing here and there.once all the coarse hairs are removed you will find it working. For pain, I took Ibuprofen 500 one hour prior to the treatment, and keeping ice during treatment helped me.

After electrolysis, keep the treated area clean. Two days after treatment exfoliate and follow the beauty regime to regenerate new cells. Initially, I had hyperpigmentation. But gradually it faded away and now I’m having a clear chin. Thanks to Jodi.


very knowledgeable

Jodi is quick, thorough, exacting, and professional. One can’t go wrong with her as your aesthetician. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, and will quickly and comfortably put you at ease. I very highly recommend her and her services. I was never disappointed.


The Best

Jodi is the BEST in her profession!

great work

I’ve been seeing Jodi for several years now, and I’ve always been impressed with her services. She is thorough, knowledgable, and she makes sure I understand exactly what’s happening with the treatment plan and growth cycles and everything just as well as she does. Watching the progress, seeing the visible difference as the treatment progresses and more areas become clear, is nothing short of astonishing. Thank you for all the great work you do!


superiority of the product and caring service

I had been in need of very serious and aggressive treatments of electrolysis. I had sought other electrolysis practitioners in the past. Often, their practice matched their fee and I continued having problems, regardless of their promised efficacy. I even tried a course of Laser Electrolysis and Thermolysis. I was sufficiently discouraged to begin seeking services outside of New Mexico; however, I was introduced to Jodi through a mutual friend, and it proved to be the best and most productive meeting that I ever had. Jodi is meticulous, caring, detailed, and extremely precise in her work. She uses excellent lighting and comfortable surroundings to provide an effective, quick, and comfortable setting for the procedures being performed. If work is to be done in particularly sensitive areas, she also has an arrangement with a local RN to provide anesthetic treatments to help with pain management. You may hear many competing claims, but having sampled many of them, I can and will attest to the superiority of the product and caring service that Jodi provides. I highly recommend that anyone thinking of or considering electrolysis to schedule a consult with her. You will not regret doing so.

Gwen W

personable, professional

As a dermatologist, I have referred female and male patients to Jodi for electrolysis treatment of unwanted hair. Over the years I have been impressed with her devotion to her profession and have observed the excellent results she can produce. She maintains high standards of hygiene and cleanliness and treats her patients in a warm, personable, professional manner. I highly commend the good work she does and will continue to recommend her to those who are seeking a permanent solution to their unwanted hair growth.

Wendall Robison MD

She is the BEST!

Before I found Elite Electrolysis I thought that there was no hope for smooth soft skin. I am blond so I am not a candidate for laser so I thought that I would just have to deal with being hairy. After doing some research I found that electrolysis is the ONLY FDA-approved method for PERMANENT hair removal! I was excited to hear that there was an answer for me…. but now I had to find an electrologist that was local. To my surprise, I found Jodi at Elite Electrolysis. She is very knowledgeable about the hair growth cycle and most everything else there has to do about body hair. I felt very comfortable when I got my treatments. I now recommend her to everyone I know. She is the BEST!

April H

I’m a free woman!

I have been going to Jodi for about a year. My main goal is to remove hairs from my eyebrows and chin. I had heard about Jodi, that she was very good and very clean in her profession. I had also heard that she had a machine that would close off the cuticle after a treatment. This brings the ph down and “Woopie, no breakouts!” The only one in town. That interested me and I wanted to seek her professional opinion. Much to my amazement, she was absolutely right. She is very professional in her field and sterilizes her equipment. To this day I am happy every morning when I get up. I get up, get ready for work, just put my makeup on and I’m my way. Thanks to Jodi, I’m a free woman! Whoopie!!!

Cheryl W

permanent answer

My sister introduced me to Jodi and electrolysis. It wasn’t something I had planned on doing, but after a consultation and demonstration, I decided to give it a try. The thought of overcoming heredity and never again having to endure out of control eyebrows and a mustache was compelling. Jodi is a gem! An absolute professional who always makes me feel welcome, I’ve never had any problems following treatment. Her concern for quality, her attention to cleanliness and safety, and her belief in the difference her work makes for her clients is worth every moment. We’re almost finished with treatments – the only downside of that will be not having the chance to visit on a regular basis. I’d recommend Jodi to anyone needing a permanent answer to managing unwanted hair.

Kris E

permanent solution

After years of endless tweezing of my ears, I decided to give electrolysis a try. I am now “hair-free” and have been that way for quite some time. My next area will be my back! Thank goodness for a permanent solution to an annoying situation.

Bruce P

thrilled with the results

I have been receiving electrolysis from Jodi Pacheco at Elite. I have to say that I am thrilled with the results! When I first started the treatments, I had more hair on my face than I was comfortable with. I had a great deal of hair on my upper lip and chin and it was embarrassing. I waxed every week…sometimes twice a week. I started waxing over 20 years ago and boy is that a messy procedure. Not to mention the burns and scars from doing so. Now, my skin is smooth and almost totally hair free! I still have a few more treatments to go through, but I haven’t had to wax for over a year now!! I am thrilled!! Jodi is a doll! She is friendly and very professional! She has always treated me with respect and never made me feel embarrassed. I highly recommend Jodi at Elite Electrolysis.

SueAnn L

talented professional

Jodi is an exceptionally talented professional. She has the unbeatable combination of skill, technique, and the latest equipment – all of which have provided me with consistent results after every visit. I have utilized electrolysis with several technicians over the years. I unquestionably believe Jodi surpasses them all. She is the very best in her field.


me feel relaxed

I have been going to Jodi at Elite Electrolysis for a few months and I have been delighted by the results so far. Very clean, very professional, and extremely quick healing of the treated area. The electrolysis is working much faster with far less re-growth than I would have ever imagined. I highly recommend Jodi and Elite Electrolysis to anyone who wants freedom from unwanted hair! Since I have light hair, I knew and read those laser treatments were ineffective. After the initial consultation with the demo, Jodi made me feel relaxed and I found the electrolysis sensation wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I wish I had done this years ago. Thank You Jodi!


You won’t regret it

Knowledgeable, professional, effective, and reasonably priced are four ways to describe Jodi and Elite Electrolysis. I have been impressed with how well Jodi educates clients about the science of hair growth and hair removal. She will put you at ease and make you feel that removing unwanted hair is no more embarrassing than brushing your teeth. If you are tired of plucking, tweezing, waxing, or shaving, don’t wait a minute longer. Give Jodi a call. You won’t regret it.


Jodi is phenomenal!

Jodi is phenomenal! I have been extremely satisfied with the work she has done and highly impressed with her skill, professionalism, attention to detail, and concern for cleanliness. I had a lot of laser hair removal done before I found Jodi and had not been satisfied with those results. Electrolysis is completely different and I love that the results will be permanent once treatment is finished. I’ve already seen such an amazing difference in the amount of hair that grows on my underarms, bikini line, and upper lip! Jodi does everything she can to make the experience go well. She even provides an aftercare cream to help the healing process at no extra charge. If you want to be hair free, Jodi is the way to go!

Alexis O


Jodi is quick and painless – a professional for sure! I tried many other ways to remove unwanted hair that never worked; the hair always grows back darker and thicker. I am happy to say that after receiving electrolysis treatments, I can now say that I am “hair free.” Yippee!

Laura N

I love this lady

I love this lady. Jodi was truly heaven sent. I got to a point in my journey to become the beardless lady where I thought nothing could work. I am African American, have coarse super curly hair and could not make it stop coming out of my chinny chin chin. Enter Jodi into my life and everything changed. Thank God for her. The journey was not short, but with persistence came victory. I am happy to say that I am at the point now that I am not scared to get close to someone because of fear they will see hair growing from my female chin. I am smooth and hairless. If you want to rid yourself of hairs from places it shouldn’t be growing, don’t waste your money anywhere else. Come see Jodi and she will take care of you. She is professional, honest, and actually cares. Jodi is amazing! Elite Electrolysis NM is amazing! I can’t recommend her enough!


reduced my stress

I highly recommend Jodi and Elite Electrolysis. Jodi is extremely professional but warm, not too clinical. She truly has your interests at heart. The method that she uses produces hardly any pain for me, compared to previous methods. Results have been fantastic (eyebrows, chin, and toes) and have reduced my stress levels significantly. Prices are very economical. Jodi is an exemplary example for all personal care specialists.